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portfolio creative services - copywriting about us contact us custumers
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Publications all over the globe

These publications was created for marketing abroad, Part of them wandered in exhibitions all over the world and part of them appeared within the professional press overseas. English copywriting must be short, focused and pointed exactly at the target audience's views of the world which is, in these examples, the Hi-Tec community, programmers, mechanics people, engineers and administrative decision makers. Notice the art directing and the designing main idea which completes the various concepts. We have much appreciation for these concepts' designs as well as for others which are not presented here, from competitive firms overseas and, of course, from the satisfied customers.

SMAT! Software - Fertilizer management software

Business branding: ,creating company’s profile - visual recognition, the logo, slogans and copywriting. Production of exhibitions abroad. Strategic market analysis for the existing software aiming at challenging the competitors, marketing consulting,developing successful marketing methods

Queenco Leisure International Ltd

Quality magazine which includes quarterly stock market reports of the company
See the full magazine : Queenco MAGAZINE

QLI Magazine

BMBY Software systems Ltd - - Internet software for the local and international real estate market

Business consulting and coaching, forming a marketing and advertising strategy. Advertising campaign in four languages for markets abroad. | Bmby software PDF

Heb Web Finel

Ophir Optronics - IR optics components and laser measurement equipment

Developing creative concept strenghtening the company’s image abroad, in professional journals, magazines and other media.

URCreative | Ophir Optronica Ltd מיתוג עסקי


Business marketing and advertising - creating company’s visual recognition, the art directing, slogans and copywriting.

VEGOTEX International Ltd

Business - marketing copywriting for web site. www.vegotex.com

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